Methylated-DNA IP Kit (10 Rxns)



Immunoprecipitation of methylated DNA; PCR; Sequencing


  • Robust enrichment & immunoprecipitation of 5-mC containing DNA.
  • Includes a highly specific anti-5-methylcytosine monoclonal antibody for defined, reproducible results.
  • Eluted, ultra-pure DNA is ideal for use in subsequent molecular-based analyses (e.g., assembling genomic libraries and determining genome-wide methylation status).


The Methylated-DNA IP Kit is designed for enrichment of 5-mC-containing DNA from any pool of fragmented genomic DNA for use in genome-wide methylation analysis. It features a highly specific Anti-5-Methylcytosine Monoclonal Antibody for the immunoprecipitation of methylated DNA in only a few hours. This kit is capable of achieving over one hundred-fold enrichment of methylated DNA vs. non-methylated DNA. Recovered DNA is suitable for many downstream applications to analyze genome-wide DNA methylation including PCR, bisulfite treatment, whole-genome amplification, ultra-deep sequencing, and microarray. Control DNA and primers are included to monitor the success of the assay.


  • Elution Volume: 10 µl
  • Applicable For: Immunoprecipitation of methylated DNA; PCR; Sequencing
  • Processing Time:4 hours
  • Input: 50 – 500 ng of DNA

Technical & Protocol

Product SKU Protocol SDS
Methylated-DNA IP Kit D5101 Protocol SDS (MSDS)

Includes Room Temp Item: D5101 x 1; Blue Ice Items: M2001 x 1; Dry Ice Item: A3001-50 x 1 & & D5101-2 x 1


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