PepJet™ DNA In Vivo Tranfection Reagent


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PepJet™ DNA In Vivo Tranfection Reagent is a novel cationic peptide based DNA delivery tool. This 28 amino-acids long peptide is accidentlly identified as a strong vector in delivering DNA in vivo. With help of protein alignment and simulation software, the peptide was synthesized, refined, screened and validated by simulating a virus protein. A shield peptide was also linked to the backbone to prevent In Vivo environment interferences, leading to high In Vivo transfection efficiency. PepJet™ was confirmed to give best renilla luciferase expression in lung, liver, spleen and kidney.

Storage Condition
Store at 4 °C. If stored properly, the product is stable for 12 months or longer.

Comparison of the delivery efficiencies to different organs in mice of a plasmid containing the Renilla luciferase gene mediated by PepJet™ reagent.


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