The Lasker Award 2018 was announced

September 10 2018, the most prestigious award in medicine – Lasker Awards announced the 2018 winners. Four scientists won this award for their outstanding contributions to histone modifications and gene expression, discovery and development of anesthesia , and RNA biology.

The Lasker Award is known as the “Nobel Prize in the United States” and was co-founded by the philanthropist Albert Lasker and his wife, Mary Woodard Lasker, in recognition of Scientists, doctors, and public service personnel who make outstanding contributions in the field of medicine.

“For discoveries elucidating how gene expression is influenced by chemical modification of histones—the proteins that package DNA within chromosomes”

“For the discovery and development of propofol, a chemical whose rapid action and freedom from residual effects have made it the most widely used agent for induction of anesthesia in patients throughout the world”

“For four decades of leadership in biomedical science—exemplified by pioneering discoveries in RNA biology, generous mentorship of budding scientists, and vigorous and passionate support of women in science”



2018 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award